Tarbox Entices on “Dear Prudence”

After several years of working on different projects and touring across Canada, Tony, Simon, Deiz and Jack decided to form Tarbox. Through their post-grunge and alternative vibe, the band gives groove and a new flavour to these styles.The band has always been attracted by the 90’ sound in whatever they wrote. From the earliest stage of the project, nothing had ever been clearer. With this new wave coming back to life, Tarbox aspires to be a part of it and work towards making this 90’ sound relevant again.

Tarbox decided to create a Beatles cover of “Dear Prudence” after the release of the “Get Back” documentary series. It reminded the band of their admiration for The Beatles, and with the encouragement of their bassist, Simon, the band decided to rewrite “Dear Prudence” as a Tarbox song. They mixed the structures, played around with parts of the song and took on a more uplifting mood than their usual sound, while also keeping the original heart of the song intact.

The artwork of this new single is an homage to The Beatles’ self-titled white album. As for the clip of the song, it really refers to the “Get Back” documentary where Tarbox is playing in a big industrial-esque minimalist room. The cloudy temperature you see outside of the huge industrial windows evokes the stereotypical weather of London, UK, but at the same time, Montreal’s Jacques-Cartier bridge is painting the background as a shoutout to the city where the band comes from. The band also dressed up a little cleaner than usual to meet up the standards of the late 60s.