Terra Lightfoot Shares “Cross Border Lovers,” Lead Single from Upcoming Album, ‘Healing Power,’ an Urgent, Upbeat Pop-Rock Track

JUNO and Polaris Prize-nominated Terra Lightfoot is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter hailing from Hamilton, Ontario. Following last year’s launch of her own record label, Midnight Choir, Lightfoot is returning with Healing Power (out October 13th), a new studio album in collaboration with Gus van Go which focuses on themes of the continual growth and change that occur in a life well lived.

The album’s lead single, “Cross Border Lovers,” is an upbeat pop rocker of longing, hope, and faith, inspired by fans of hers that Terra had met who were in long distance relationships heavily affected by pandemic restrictions, as well as reflecting on her own relationship (Terra’s partner was able to make it up to Canada from Seattle just before the border was closed).

“Go through the day and nobody knows that half my heart’s livin’ in Colorado.” 

“I picture people standing in line at the grocery store, and just missing their other half so badly, and not being able to be seen in that way — as only part of a whole. But no one can see how they’re suffering,” explains Lightfoot.

Thanks for checking out this song! We look forward to sharing more of Healing Power with you over the coming months.