THE 12th MAN Delivers “End of the World”

THE 12th MAN’s songs are unapologetic, often brutally honest and take the listener on a journey through a shifting soundscape of musical patterns and dynamic form. 

Aptly-titled single “End of the World” is about being betrayed by the last person you would expect betrayal to come from. It’s an open account of how being wronged can feel, carrying the heaviness of the situation. 

Jason moved from his native England to Toronto, Canada in the mid-1990s where he met local guitarist Paul Habert and formed a band. However, the stars at that time were not aligned, and they eventually went their separate ways. Over the next few years, Paul played in various musical projects but always seemed to come back to the work that he had done with Jason. For twenty years, he trolled the internet unsuccessfully searching for him. Then one day, unexpectedly at the time, someone who fit his description showed up on a Linkedin search. Could this be the person he was looking for? He reached out. The timing could not have been better. Jason described a complicated life full of drama and mishap, of many highs and lows, but now found himself at the beginning of a new chapter in life, launching himself back into music and thinking about putting a new album out. They got together and the reunion was complete.