The Foreign Films Kick off 2023 with New Album ‘Magic Shadows’

Bill Majoros aka The Foreign Films is an award-winning singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. Deeply fascinated by the musical alchemy of the past and the present, he creates retro-futurism: sparkling melodies that dream of tomorrow. 

Imagine yourself as a ghost floating away from this earthly life. Free from everything yet forever tethered to your memories. That’s the premise of “Perfect Future” from new full-length album, Magic Shadows.

Sparked by the magical realism of The Twilight Zone (1959), “Perfect Future” is reminiscent of a lost summer deep in the memory. The nostalgic and dreamy pop track conjures up hazy imagery of summer twilight.

Magic Shadows is a time machine, connecting the dots between reality and the dream world, transitioning between the organic and synthetic sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s.