The HP’s Share the Eclectic Release “Hope to See You Again”

The HP’s are a talent-studded Hamilton-based funk/soul collective, poised to make major moves with the upcoming release of its debut album, Gritty City Soul, Vol. 1. The group is the brainchild of drummer/bandleader ‘ParksideMike Renaud, the founder/owner of noted Canadian music company Hidden Pony Records & Management. A life-long fervent fan of funk and old school soul, Parkside has assembled a crack team of musicians and vocalists dedicated to his vision of breathing vibrant new life into these classic forms.

Groovy new single, “Hope to See You Again,” was inspired by Parkside’s 40th birthday when he was charged with taking care of Sharon Jones for Hamilton’s Supercrawl festival. The two bonded quickly and the song’s title is taken from his final words to the late talent.