Toronto Rockers Original Pairs Laugh at the Moochers on New Track “Money on a Tree”

Toronto-based band Original Pairs fuse folk, country, pop and psychedelia into their own inimitable brand of rock’n’roll. Lead singer and songwriter Andrew Frontini grew up in Kingston, ON where he played in bands with future rock luminaries Gord Downie (Tragically Hip), Hugh Dillon (The Headstones) and Finton Mcconnel (The Mahones). Alongside drummer Lisa Logan, the duo formed Original Pairs and draw on the talents of Berklee trained multi-instrumentalist Chris Bartos, saxophonist Richard Underhill, keyboardist Jon Loewen and New York based bassist/guitarist Lynda Krarr to create a rich sonic palette for Frontini’s compositions.

Ever have a time when people just start showing up out of the woodwork? The phone starts ringing with calls from friends you haven’t heard from in years or friends who you didn’t even know you had? That’s when you know you’ve made it! Or at least people think you have and all of  a sudden, they want to get close. New single, “Money on a Tree,” takes a common saying and amps it up into a rock’n’roll diss track, making fun of the moochers one verse at a time and capping it with a tongue-in-cheek chorus.