Toronto singer-songwriter Mike Ruby values love that stands the test of time on his song “unconditional”

Mike Ruby is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto with a story that’s far from ordinary. Mike moved to New York at 19 to pursue a career in jazz as a sax player, receiving a full scholarship at the Manhattan School of Music. That education and exposure gave him a unique sense of musicianship that shines through his melodic writing to this day. After signing a record deal to a subsidiary of Universal Music, he began playing with Brooklyn based synth pop band St. Lucia, which opened his ears to a realm of synth and dance-like possibilities. He picked up a guitar soon thereafter and started writing hundreds of songs as a singer songwriter. 

Mike’s second release, “unconditional,” is from his second EP a million you’s which will be released in the fall. It’s a blunt no holds barred love song that is as literal as ever. The chorus creates a snapshot for the song, “No matter what I done it’s unconditional,” referencing anyone with a busy schedule and a partner that stands by them, unconditionally. 

The lyrics dive deeper and deeper as the music continues to intensify with the drums, layers of the synths, and Mike’s soaring vocal harmonies. All the layers symbolize the tough situations that arise in relationships, but in the end it all comes back down to where it started, a simplistic piano line, mirrored by a simplistic idea. Enjoy the dive with your ride or die.