Toronto’s Jeremy Voltz Transports Listeners to a Romantic Getaway with New Indie Pop Soul Single, “Sunrise”

Toronto singer-songwriter Jeremy Voltz is sharing the third single from his upcoming album Running Away, due September 29th. The romantic and effortlessly joyous “Sunrise” was inspired by the need to have a real, tangible adventure with the people who are important to us.

This burst of indie soul pop is a vocal forward, deeply catchy invitation to take a deep breath and join him in a sweet escape.

Voltz’ collaborator, Oliver Charles travelled to join Voltz in his studio to record this track, bringing a vacation vibe to this outlier of an approach to the rest of Running Away’s tracks made in Montreal.

Watch the official video for “Sunrise,” captured on a beach vacation taken by Voltz and his wife:

Reviewing the footage which Voltz shot on his recent trip, “what emerged was just a really honest love story between my wife and I,” he explains. 

“I’m so glad we decided to capture some really nice moments of us just enjoying each other so much. This is Amie’s favourite song off the album. We just celebrated our 15th anniversary and this song is a part of that.”