VENNA Intrigues with Strong Release “Melancholia”

Pulling inspiration from classic poets, fantasy literature, and countless powerful women bringing alt-pop to the mainstream, VENNA’s music serves to provoke thought and emotion; as an aspiring author as well, she takes great care in crafting her lyrics to this end. Music and writing have always been the driving factors in VENNA’s life, from the age of three when she told her parents she wanted to grow up to be Michael Jackson, to the day she wrote her first song, and every day since. 

Her latest single, “Melancholia,” emulates the beginning of an abusive relationship. The seduction, the progression into obsession, into possessiveness and manipulation, all wrapped up in a dynamic track that mirrors the emotional highs and lows. The lyrics were born from a place of self-deprecation, and although VENNA is not in any way the abusive, possessive partner that this narrator is, they developed from a very personal concern of hers.