Victory Chimes Come Alive on Stunning Release

Down the rabbit hole of psych synth layers, sub bass drones and hypnotic hip hop drums, you’ll find the new Victory Chimes record, When The Fog Rolls In, from Montreal rocker Jeff Louch. 

Produced by Louch, Alex Formosa and Jace Lacek (The Besnard Lakes), “New Mode” represents the overall vibe of the full-length album. Written around the circular bassline, its wavelike feel inspired some of the water imagery. Linking a series of images, the pulsing track touches on issues of identity, facing demons, death, rising to potential and new beginnings.  

When The Fog Rolls In was inspired by the welcomed solitude of the Rocky Mountains at the Banff Centre before being thrown directly into the forced solitude of pandemic lockdown. Lyrical colouring spans from the macabre to blissful fantasy, and styles stretch from narrative to stream of consciousness to absurdity.