WIESINGER Comes Alive with Stellar Track “FOMO

On New Year’s Eve 2021, Justin Wiesinger took a leap of faith to pursue a full time career in pop music and songwriting. He is thrilled to grab this year by the horns and show the world what it looks like to be a passionate dealer in hope through energetic collaborations with other up-and-coming artists and producers. Justin is armed with a chest full of catchy tunes he plans to release over the year, and backed by an amazing team of friends to support his pursuits in becoming a household name and inspiring thousands of young people.

The hopefully melancholic new single, “FOMO,” released under the name WIESINGER, encompasses the fear of missing out everyone felt during the pandemic. Instead of loving people and using things, we found ourselves using people and loving things. We all bought an air fryer and collected possessions in order to feel that hole that only connection with others and community can fill.