WIESINGER Will Never”Just Give Up”

WIESINGER is thrilled to grab 2022 by the horns and show the world what it looks like to be a passionate dealer in hope through energetic collaborations, most recently teaming up with Indigenous pop artist Jessa Sky who believes music has the power to heal the world as it has healed hers.

Together, they spread kindness via the inspirational single, “Just Give Up,which despite its title encourages listeners to keep going; to live with the hope that things can get better. Every setback is really simply a disguised setup for a future success or victory. 

WIESINGER took up songwriting and taught himself acoustic guitar in 2012 to help medicate and deal with a long and painful season of mental illness, hospitalization, and the loss of a close cousin of his family. He recalls writing music and lyrics bringing him out of a very dark place and even saving his life in moments of despair.