Zach Day Shares Intriguing Release “If It Kills Me”

Growing up in the backwoods of Kentucky, a county that is consistently listed in the country’s top 10 poorest, Zach Day would skip the bus and teach friends and family to sing in close knit, three part harmony and play the guitar. With a deep love for folk, R&B and pop music with smart lyrics with voices that tell stories, he became enthralled with music and began his pursuit of it.

Working with Canadian radio top charting producer Alex ‘Pilzbury’ Vujic, Zach penned his debut single “If It Kills Me.” Mixed by JUNO Award winner Jason Dufour, this song hits close to home for those who struggle in relationships, often reflecting on their own insecurities. Boasting acoustic instruments and a 50’s vibe with an exhilarating vocal performance, “If It Kills Me” is written about the struggle to let go.