New single from Los-Angeles based bubble rocker and classically- trained pianist Alexa Villa. Entitled “Invisible – Dan Heath Orchestral Reprise” the song details Alex’s personal experiences in surviving unrequited love, power plays, and unhealthy relationship dynamics that leave a partner feeling alone and used. “Your apathy is annoying me, you’re practically invisible to me”. With enthrallingContinue Reading

Malaysian Lyia Meta is an International Multi Award winning singer, songwriter and producer. A multi genre artist whose influences are rooted in Rock and Blues, Lyia has performed in the Kuala Lumpur live circuit for many years before branching out to reach global audiences. Known for her vocal prowess and her ability to make each song her own, no matter the genre, LyiaContinue Reading

Industry veteran Tom Tikka is an experienced and talented musician. Inspired by a catch-up lunch with an old friend, his latest single ‘Hearts on Fire’ (out June 18th) has an indie-rock vibe, which paces to an insatiable four-on-the-floor groove. Reminiscing about his youth, Tikka allows his inner energy to shineContinue Reading

Buddy Sixnineseven, is a live stage musician turned producer/beat maker from Denver CO. Buddy has been on stage most of his life and has toured globally since an early age. Buddy grew up not too far from the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, in Morrison Colorado. Buddy has a broad spectrum ofContinue Reading

The TEA DANCE has been an important part of Gay Life since the 1950’s long before Stonewall with the Pandemic finally getting under control we can once again DANCE! Check out these songs that NEED to be on your PRIDE PlaylistContinue Reading